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We are open for three full New England Seasons, from the first day of Spring (March 20th) to the first day of Winter (December 20th). 

We will be CLOSED on Sunday April 21st for Easter.

Feel free to contact us using the form below, or call and email us directly!

*We currently accept only cash and no credit cards. We now have an ATM.


The Ice Cream Barn, 289 Locust Street, Swansea MA 02777  •  (508) 567-6278  •



MONDAY 12:00 noon- 9:30 PM   

TUESDAY  12:00 noon- 9:30 PM 

WEDNESDAY  12:00 noon- 9:30 PM 

THURSDAY  12:00 noon- 9:30 PM 

FRIDAY  12:00 noon- 9:30 PM 

SATURDAY  12:00 noon- 10:00 PM 

SUNDAY  12:00 noon- 10:00 PM 


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